Private school of new format for children aged 5-17

The enrollment of students for the 2021-2022 academic year is open,
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  Natalia Tarchenko
Natalia Tarchenko
Visionary and founder of DEC life school
Natalia’s quote
«DEC — development, education & culture. DEC life school is a school where children become authors of their lives, where one can make mistakes, try again and not be afraid of changes. The school which corresponds to the reality of modern world».
  Alexander Tarchenko
Alexander Tarchenko
Director Dec life school
School’s mission
Our mission is to transform education in Ukraine and form new society’s attitude to children’s education.
We opened a school of new format that could create and share new educational standards in Ukraine:
We use best practice
of Ukrainian and international experience of DEC as well as expertise of international partners and mentors: schools, teachers, educational platforms and education innovators from around the world
Integrate innovative knowledge and practices
working with teachers, children and parents: Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC, Shalva Amonashvili’s humane pedagogy, spiral dynamics, integral human development theory Stages, systemic konsensing
Create community of like-minded teachers —
creative and open to new things, passionate about their profession. Those who see the legacy and bright future of our world in their students
DEC life school
DEC life school gives not only knowledge, but also broadens students, teachers and parents’ minds.
Our task is to raise new generation that will influence society. Lifelong learners’ generation of children who possess character strengths, knowledge, creativity and motivation enough to influence the modern world.
Therefore, we strive to give children not only knowledge but also the most important life skills:
Learning to know
We teach children to learn about the world on their own to create basis for the future lifelong learning
Learning to be
We help children find their way. Learn about themselves. Learn to live so their personality thrives.
Learning to do
We support children’s desire to do and create. To work in different social conditions independently, responsibly and showing self-sufficiency in assessments
Learning to live together
Develop empathy and self-leadership. We teach to make joint projects and cooperate for common goal
10 qualities
of DEC life school graduate
They are leaders for themselves
Physically and mentally healthy
They have critical thinking skills and know how to ask questions
They have friends, meaningful people and people they respect
They are curious and enthusiastic about life and creation
They possess inner strength
They can earn trust and trust others
They always use opportunities
They can make mistakes and lose
They possess inner strength
Ability to finish what they start
Love for learning
Ability to think and learn independently
Understanding what area of knowledge and interests makes them enthused
Ability to work in a team, ability to process information
DEC life school: numbers and facts
9:00 -
full time attendance
teachers, mentors
and psychologists
up to 10 children
in a group
possibility to follow
personal learning
speed of a student
up to 100
at school;
and creativity
School as a community
As in a family, there are younger and older siblings, playtime, walking outside, conflicting points of view, love and care.
We do not only teach children, we raise them and prepare them for adulthood, love and accept them as they are. We help and support every child, we are his second family.
Communication as an equal
Our school doesn’t have traumatizing grades and authoritarian teachers. Children have a right for their own opinion.
30% of time children spend together: reading together, walking outside, discussing news, making projects, reflecting, free playing.
Parents are part of our team
We conduct individual family sessions – meetings for parents, children and school leaders.
In DEC life school’s Parents’ Club we support and teach parents, conduct meetings with the school’s psychologist and invited experts.
Partnership and mutual development
In DEC life school you become a part of the unique community, the only aim of which is to do everything for your child’s happiness and success.
In DEC life school you become a part of the unique community, the only aim of which is to do everything for your child’s happiness and success.
5 advantages of studying at DEC life school
Individual learning route
At the beginning of school year,
every student is skill-,
talent- and trait-tested.
On the basis of test results
and observations we design
an individual study plan,
which helps unlock a child’s potential.
Personal development
At school children practice
mindfulness, reflection,
work with psychologist.
Based on child’s strengths
we develop their character
strengths, emotional intelligence,
attention span and self-knowledge.
Model of realistic society
In DEC life school, children and adults
share the space and communicate
as equals. Here younger students
and teenagers can play chess together
and a math teacher can go on a run
with children preparing
for marathon.
Tutoring and mentoring
Our teachers are tutors and
mentors for children. Every
student has a tutor who
monitors their success,
helps, and gives feedback
to parents. Starting from 7th grade
children choose their mentors –
expert who helps children develop
their interests.
Professional team
This year we started to implement «consciousness based education»
principles by David Lynch Foundation, 400+ hours of training practice with international trainers of non-violent communication of Marshall Rosenberg, as well as learning the theory of Spiral Dynamics, STAGES human development model, Character Strengths and Virtues.
History of DEC life school Creation
We combined 18 years of DEC group experience in education field in Ukraine and 5 years of researching experience of the world best alternative schools to create a new, innovative school.
in education
children study and develop
in DEC every year
10 000+
students started
studying abroad
with our assistance
successful educational
DEC projects:
Education, School,
camp, lab, life school
people work in DEC group,
115 of them are teachers
and methods specialists
DEC life school Achievements
Memorandum with the Maharishi Institute
Co-organizers of IDEC Ukraine 2019
Ambassadors of Empathy by SEEL
Certification of DEC life school
As the first school in Ukraine working on the basis of the NVC
85% — the average level
The average level of achievement of the goals of the individual curriculum by students
700+ hours of training
For teachers and parents about emotional intelligence, self‑education, communication with children
DEC life school’s partners
How can we enter the school?
1. Meeting of the family and school principal.
2. Diagnostic meeting of a child with the school’s psychologist.
3. Paperwork on contractual duties.
Does the school have a license?
“Dec life school has passed the state licensing and the educational program of our school guarantees the implementation of state programs in all obligatory subjects (here it is the license on elementary, middle and high school education.)
How are meals organized at school?
There are 3- and 4-times a day meal options (according to your choice) in an A-class restaurant by a specifically designed children menu.
How do you ensure safety?
The school is located on the territory of Golf club and has 24-hour security. The children do not leave the school without adults.
Is there a transfer to and from school?
There is such an option. A company if requested by parents provides transfer.
What will the transition process of a child to classical education system be like?
In our school, we form a real life society model, develop personal qualities and life skills, independence, and help a child become more stable to challenges and difficulties. We believe that our students will be able to adapt to any system. In life, we observe difficulties with adaptation when transitioning from traditional system to humane.
Can students of 7-12 grades enter the school?
Due to the fact that there are more children who want to enroll to DEC life school, we are expanding the school’s location and opening up additional educational space for middle and high school students. The plan and principles for teaching students in secondary and high school are different from primary school. The focus is on the implementation of the individual educational strategy of each teenager and effective preparation for entry into the best universities of Ukraine and world.
What is included in school fee?
- development and correction of individual study plan;
- individual support of tutor/mentor and psychologist;
- verified proprietary technology and methods, professional teaching team;
- specially equipped, comfortable location: classes with a glass wall, open space, art studio, rest area, gym, kitchen, laboratory, library;
- more than 20 extra creative and scientific activities for students to choose: STEM, art, aikido, IT, acting, etc.;
- an option to do homework at school during self-learning time.
What are the rules for using gadgets?
There is special gadget time at school, which is 15 minutes per day, when a student can use gadgets. During the rest of the day, all devices are stored in a box.
Dec Life School
Do you want to learn more about studying at DEC life school?
Sign up for a meeting with communication manager and we will show you the learning process, answer all your questions and walk you around the school.
and our manager will contact you as soon as possible

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